Home water purifier training

Home water purifier training

Learn how a home water purifier works

Aria Sanat Masoumi Company has been producing fresh water for more than two decades. With the technology of manufacturing and producing the highest quality desalination filters, it is active in the field of production and distribution of filters and water purifiers.
Aria Sanat Masoumi Company has been producing fresh water for more than two decades. Home water purifiers that are produced in Aria Sanat Masoumi Company can have the best efficiency to take extra salts and remove harmful water impurities as well as sweet and odorless and tasteless. Equipment and parts of home and semi-industrial water purifiers produced by Aria Sanat Company are produced with the latest technology in the world by tasteful engineers. A number of engineers have been trained in specific courses required for the field.
The best home water purifier depends on where you live !! In fact, the best home water purifier will be different for you depending on the geographical area in which you live. By measuring the pressure of water consumption and the results of municipal water tests and comparing it with treated water, we can use 3-stage water purifiers or 4-stage water purifiers or 5-stage water purifiers or 6-stage water purifiers. Or even finally used 7-stage water purifiers. !!

Although some believe that the more purification steps, the better the resulting water for them?

There are also people who upgrade their water purifier to 8 stages. In the next section, we will explain each of these purification steps to you dear ones. To decide to buy your desired water purifier with more nobility.

Quality of all types of drinking water

Tubed water: In most parts of the world, it is rich in chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, harmful heavy metals, sediment and mass of pipes, pesticides, etc., and its use is not recommended without the use of a purifier. Mineral water: In most parts of the world, this water is the best for long-term drinking, which is sold in plastic bottles in supermarkets and other centers. 5-stage water purifier:According to our research among water treatment methods, the use ofThe 5-stage water purifier is designed for urban water purification. It removes most of the waste and toxic substances from the water without removing the useful elements. RO reverse osmosis water purifier: Using RO filters without mineral filters is better than using direct tap water. RO water is suitable for cooking and making tea and coffee, but for drinking it is better to use it sometimes and sometimes mineral water.
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How a home water purifier works

It is a home water purifier that has 6-stage filters with full features. Unlike a 5-stage water purifier, this device has a mineral filter. This filter adds useful salts that are lost during water treatment to the water. Specifications of filters and stages of water purification of the device PP filter, the first stage of Masoumi water purification: This filter is made of 5 micron polypropylene. This filter is for removing mud, sand and other suspended contaminants, which is located inside the glass housing. Glass housing at this stage helps to better observe the filter for timely replacement. Masoumi UDF second stage water purifier filter: The carbon used in this filter is made of coconut shell, which is used in white housing to remove chlorine, trihalomethanes and most organic chemicals in insecticides and pesticides to make the color, taste and smell of water pleasant. . Filter of the third stage of Masoumi water purification (CTO or…): This filter removes fine particles one micron in diameter from the water and is placed inside a white housing to complete the function of the second stage and remove the chemicals in the water. Fourth stage filter of Masoumi water purification membranes: Membrane function to remove harmful solutes up to 0.001 microns, including dissolved inorganic matter, dissolved organic matter, microbiological contaminants such as endotoxins, viruses and bacteria, nitrate, nitrite and heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, Is lead, zinc and.. High quality membranes meet NSF and ANSI standards and remove harmful salts and substances up to 98%. Fifth stage filter of Masoumi Post Carbon water purification: The carbon of this filter is made of coconut shell to improve the taste, smell and taste of water. .After storage in the tank, water passes through this filter. If the water stays in the tank for a long time and its taste and smell have changed, it will improve by passing through the fifth stage filter. Filter of the sixth stage of MINORAL MINERAL water purification: This filter adds useful salts that are better to be present in water to increase the taste and properties of water. Seventh stage filter of Alkaline Innocent water purifier: The filter of the seventh stage of the Alkaline water purification filter, which is called the alkaline filter, actually regulates the pH level of the water and removes the water from the acidic state. In general, alkaline water has many properties that can be attributed to He pointed out its antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Note that in an alkaline environment, cancer cells are not able to grow, with constant use of alkaline water, the body will become resistant to cancer, as well as alkaline water for people with digestive problems.It has many properties. For example, your digestive system becomes acidic by using carbonated beverages or fatty foods to digest these substances. Drinking alkaline water improves stomach function and better digestion of food. Technical specifications of the device: The amount of purified water production per hour: The device is capable of producing 8 liters of purified water per hour. That is, in 24 hours, the ability to produce 192 liters of fresh and refreshing water (Noosh Jantan) Minimum temperature: 5 degrees Celsius. Maximum temperature: 50 degrees Celsius. Water storage tank: 4 gallons of antibacterial or 3.2 gallons of antibacterial Chassis: Stainless and anti-corrosion fiberglass chassis or Metal chassis has more strength and power to hold the housings Pump and transformer: 24 volts Pressure gauge: (to display pump pressure) 1.5 inches or 2.5 inches Connections: screw or fitting Harvesting valve: normal (square) or semi-fancy (lever)