Masoumi home water purifier – 6 stages – double Ring hose – fiber – large gauge


Masoumi home water purifier – 6 stages – double hose – fiber – large gauge

Masoumi water purifier which is produced by Aria Sanat Masoumi company with the best raw materials and with the help of the latest devices and technology in the world.

Specifications of filters and stages of water purification of the device
PP filter, the first stage of Masoumi water purification:

This filter is made of 5 micron polypropylene. This filter is for removing mud, sand and other suspended contaminants, which is located inside the glass housing.

Glass housing at this stage helps to better observe the filter for timely replacement.

The second stage of Masoomi UDF home water purifier filter:

The carbon used in this filter is made of coconut shell, which is used in white housing to remove chlorine, trihalomethanes and most organic chemicals in insecticides and pesticides to make the color, taste and smell of water pleasant. .

Filter of the third stage of Masoumi water purification (CTO or…):

This filter removes finer materials up to one micron in diameter from the water and is placed in a white housing to complete the operation of the second stage and remove the chemicals in the water.

Fourth stage filter of Masberani Masoumeh water purifier:

Membrane function to remove harmful solutes up to 0.001 microns, including dissolved inorganic matter, dissolved organic matter, microbiological contaminants such as endotoxins, viruses and bacteria, nitrate, nitrite and heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, It is lead, zinc, etc. High quality membranes meet NSF and ANSI standards and remove harmful salts and substances up to 98%.

The fifth stage filter of Masoumi Post Carbon water purifier:

The carbon of this filter is made of coconut shell to improve the taste, smell and taste of water. Because water passes through this filter after storage in the tank, if the water stays in the tank for a long time and its taste and smell change. Has been improved by passing the fifth stage filter.

Filter of the sixth stage of MINORAL water purification:

This filter adds useful salts that are better to be present in the water to increase the taste and properties of the water.

Technical specifications of the device:
The amount of purified water production per hour: The device is capable of producing 8 liters of purified water per hour.
That is, in 24 hours, the ability to produce 192 liters of fresh and refreshing water (Noush Jan)
Minimum temperature: 5 degrees Celsius.
Maximum temperature: 50 degrees Celsius.
Water storage tank: 4 gallons of antibacterial or 3.2 gallons of antibacterial

Chassis: Stainless and anti-corrosion fiberglass chassis or
Metal chassis has more strength and power to hold the housings
Pump and transformer: 24 volts
Pressure gauge: (to show the pump pressure) 2.5 inches
Connections: Fittings
Harvesting valve: normal (square) or semi-fancy (lever)